Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthdays and Yard Work

It was a busy day today. We worked outside in the morning, while the kids more or less kept themselves amused. Ron saved our mailbox from overgrown jasmine. I'm sure our mailman will be happy - you couldn't get into the mailbox without poking yourself in the eye with a vine.

I started to trim back the creeping raspberry - which has crept all over everything around it. How are you supposed to keep this stuff in place? I guess if you do yard work more than one weekend a year it helps, but geez. And what happened to the chilly fall mornings we had for a couple of days there? The humidity was ridiculous today.

I ran a couple of errands and then in the middle of conversation with my stepmother I realized that I had completely forgotten that we had a birthday party at 3:00. Luckily I had time to get showered and get the kids ready in time.

We've been talking about Halloween costumes for while. Jack is pretty consistent about choosing Spiderman or Superman. Ellie has a wider variety of favorites, that is updated on a daily or hourly basis. Some are pretty traditional - pink butterfly, fairy princess, ballet dancer. Others are a little more outside the box - string cheese, humpback whale. She sees no limit on the possibilities. Who knows what we'll end up with by the time the day comes.

Ellie and Jack loved the hammock at the party.

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